Does Rapid Mass Profits Really Help You Build A Profitable List?

I know – list building is something that has been covered loads of times before, and to be truthful, most of the time these courses have been pretty lame and didn’t teach a lot. Luckily, for every 10 no-hopers, there is a course like Rapid Mass Profits, which shines a great light on this most important of internet marketing strategies.

It is worth just looking at why list building is so important before I go on with the rest of this review, as by doing so you’ll hopefully see the intrinsic value that Rapid Mass Profits brings. List building – the process of creating a targeted list of contacts in order to email and gain business through – is the best way to advertise new products and increase sales, especially as the people on the list have already shown an interest in the niche. Starting an online business without an email list is like trying to start a bricks and mortar business without any advertising – it simply doesn’t work!

What Rapid Mass Profits does incredibly well is allow users to not only build lists, but understand why they are essential and how to use them. So many other courses get the list built and then leave members to work the rest out for themselves, but Rapid Mass Profits was with me throughout the whole process when I signed up. What’s more, in a really clever twist, they almost force you to go through the steps and understand them, as the whole course isn’t released at once – you have to wait a few days for each new element to become active.

Now, this can of course be a pain – I finished some of the modules quickly and was desperate to move on (testament to the riveting lessons that they give), but was prevented from doing so. Looking back though, although this was frustrating, it did ensure that I gained every last bit of knowledge from the course and essentially made me a much better list builder! Sometimes we have to be held back in order to fulfil our true potential…

So, how does the course work? Well, all users are able to access Part 1 straight away, and they can then use a combination of audio, video and PDF files to learn all the knowledge contained in this part. The audio files are perhaps the most exciting aspect, as they allow you to head off on the bus or train and listen to the lessons, instead of having to always have a computer in front of you. There’s also a bonus month thrown in too, meaning that you pay for three months but in fact get four!

Perhaps the biggest boon within this course though is the fact that it allows you to build a list in no time at all. This means that, while you learn the ins and outs of list building, you can have a list (or more than one) gaining subscribers throughout! This is made possible by the fact that all members get access to WordPress squeeze pages (these rotate automatically, to find out which is best for your market), plus everyone also gets a free professionally written autoresponder series – you’ll find out about the importance of these in the course.

It should also be noted that, unlike some other courses, this one seems to have been thought out in every single way. The information is all spot-on, the layout of the site is completely intuitive (important for online courses) and the customer service is out of this world – my queries were answered within 24 hours and incredibly thoroughly. It is also easy to opt out whenever you want too, as all members are free to leave at any time.

The icing on the cake for this course comes in the form of a massive cash prize every single month, given to one lucky member. The concept is simple – performing certain actions means that you’ll gain points, and the top 10 people with the most points will go into a draw to win $2,000! As already mentioned, this happens every single month too, so staying around and keeping active could be really beneficial to your bank account.

So, it is clear for everyone to see that I can’t praise this course enough. List building is essential but often over looked, and Rapid Mass Profits puts both the fun and profitability back into this essential part of internet marketing! I’d recommend that you head over there today – every day you wait is a day that you could be using to increase your list and your profits!

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